Official Grand Opening May 10, 2019

Official Grand Opening May 10, 2019


We offer you complete authentic, holistic, and ethical services for healing Mind, Body, and Spirit and for cleansing your home, property, office, and life. We accomplish this through identifying and rectifying blockages and imbalances. Many of our healing and cleansing services can be done remote, over long distances by phone.


Jaimee Leigh Barrington, Founder

Lyle Korynta, Business Partner

Lyle’s first full awareness was at age 2. Through Lyle’s early years and teens, his abilities, talents and skills opened up. After completion of Lyle’s Military and Civil Service careers, he started to pursue his abilities more full-time. Lyle found a kindred soul, and she mentored Lyle in achieving Reiki Master level. They became partners in Holistic Energy Healing. Lyle practices Reiki, Psychic Spiritual Surgery, Reconnective Healing, Oracle and Past Life Readings.

Tiffiny Schmitz, Practitioner

Tiffiny is 25 years old and was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. She is an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master. She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient, clairempathy, clairsentient and clairtangent. She is also a medium and can channel those who have crossed over, Archangels and The Divine. Tiffiny is connected to Archangel Gabriel and is not affiliated to an organized church or religion but practices Christ Consciousness. She was born with spiritual abilities but they grew stronger as she got older. Tiffiny’s goal in this ministry is to help spiritually, physically and emotionally heal others and provide spiritual guidance for those who seek it. Her services include: Holistic Reiki Healings, Channeled Messages, Past Life Tracings, Home/Office/Space Clearings and Spiritual Mentoring.

Marlys O’Connell, Practitioner

Marlys began working with her gifts as an Empathic, Psychic Medium and Automatic Writer, Channeler many years ago; however, it wasn’t until meeting Jaimee at Divine Healing Heart Ministry in 2017 that Marlys began sharing her gifts with others. Since expanding her abilities through Reiki Master level attunements, additional Divine mediumship gifts include knowledge of past, present and future events. Contact her at (701)-412-7242 or

Kathleen Shasky, Practitioner

Kathleen (Kat) is Adaria-The Angels Scribe. Kat’s journey in realizing she is a scribe in this life began back in 2012. Kat learned she is an Intuitive, Clairsentient or Empath, and she uses telepathy in her channeling through automatic writing. Discernment is the most valuable lesson to learn in developing spiritual gifts and with this, Kat has been humbled in being granted the task of writing the truth of our most beloved parents… Kat’s service for you is an Angel Message, written for you to keep after your session with her. Kat includes a Spirit Animal Reading, Contact her at (218)-329-9072 or

Carolyn Goerger, Practitioner

Carolyn is a Reiki Master who practises holistic energy healings at the Wahpeton Center and at Expos throughout the upper Midwest area.

Buffy Riddering, Practitioner

Buffy is a certified Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner and Archangel Instructor, Ordained Minister, Mentor, Teacher and Psychic/Medium. Buffy has had a lot of experience in suicide loss, which led her to do this work. Buffy enjoys using tarot cards to teach you about things going on in your life and what may be coming up. Buffy’s focus is on teaching you to turn reaction into creation. Buffy would love to share her tools with you! Buffy can be reached at or 701-491-0655.

Barbara Besser, Visionary Artist

Barbara is a professional artist and licensed art instructor. She has facilitated many workshops and has been featured in several publications, shows, and galleries as well as television appearances. Artistic clairvoyant inspiration was revealed at an early age, as her father Leonard Besser, a professional artist, was her mentor and inspiration. Barbara developed the at form presented here in mid 80’s as her gift to humanity in loving service for the upliftment of all beings. She channels through Divine Spirit to create an image of ones higher self along with a message for the image given. Contact her at (575) 545-2994 or at

Carlon Anderson, Practitioner

Carlon provides Dowsing, Quantum Physics Unleashed; services include Chinese Medicine using European Technology, Immune System Reset & Enhancement and Balancing Disrupted Energy Frequencies & Energy Signatures. Contact him at (701)-340-6166-cell or

Jeet Saini, Product Provider

Jeet who is the owner of OM, gifts for body & soul provides products for sale at the Wahpeton Center. They range from singing bowls, tarot/oracle cards to selenite lamps to jewelry of various types. Contact her at (319)-358-1282 or

Phillip Barrett, Product Provider

Phillip who is the owner of Rock and Gems provides products for sale at the Wahpeton Center. They range from bracelets to chakra bags to gems and stones of various types mined from his own personnel mine! Contact him at (763)-571-3804 or